Starfrit THE ROCK Classic10pc Set

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Starfrit The Rock: nothing sticks, never warps, lasts longer
Rock.Tec surface enhancement
Our unique manufacturing process uses small metal pellet impact technology to modify the surface to form an ultra
durable rock-like finish. The result is an outstanding release performance, 3 times better than traditional non-stick
•Optimal heat distribution and even cooking
•Guaranteed never to warp
•3 times more durable non-stick
•Resists scratch and abrasion
•3-year warranty
•Compatible with gas, electric, ceramic and halogen stovetops

The Set Includes:
•1.5 Qt Saucepan
•2 Qt Saucepan with lid
•3 Qt Saucepan with Lid
•5 Qt Stockpot with lid
•10" Fry pan with lid

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