Build & Grow 6 ft. x 8 ft. Hybrid Greenhouse

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  • UV Protected Clear Polycarbonate Wall Panels
  • Twin Wall Polycarbonate Roof Panels
  • Single Hinged Door
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Galvanized Steel Base


  • All weather-proof materials to allow years of durability
  • Ready to assemble pre-drilled profiles, pre-cut sliding panels and all hardware included
  • Sliding panels assembly system
  • 2.08m (81.9 in.) Headroom
  • One (1) manual roof vent
  • Single door – can be assembled on either right or left hand side
  • Magnetic door catch
  • Lockable door handle
  • Built-in gutter system to channel water and to easily collect rainwater
Front view of the green house

Aluminum Frame

Aluminum is a lightweight, strong, rust-resistant metal with a high strength to weight ratio. Palram uses a high grade, sturdy and resilient, yet easy to carry and handle, Aluminum. This metal naturally generates a protective oxide coating when exposed to air and is highly corrosion resistant. Different kinds of surface treatment such as powder-coating or anodizing further improve this property. It is 100% recyclable while maintaining structural integrity and durability. Aluminum’s attractive appearance along with its high resistance to adverse weather and its low maintenance requirements make it the perfect material for our entire range of products.
Image showing the hinge of the greenhouse

Frame & Panels

  • Frame Colour: Green
  • Rust resistant long lasting aluminum frame
  • Galvanized steel base for maximum stability, alignment, and strength
  • Extra support beams for added strength
  • Roof Panels (4 mm / 0.2 in.) – Twin-Wall virtually unbreakable Polycarbonate – diffuse over 70% of the harsh sunlight for an even, soft light
  • Wall panels (0.7 mm / 0.03 in.) – crystal clear virtually unbreakable Polycarbonate provides over 90% light transmission, yet blocks 99% of the harmful UV sun rays

Tools Required for Assembly

  • Tools Required for Assembly: tape measure, Philips screwdriver, rubber mallet, gloves, socket set, lubricant, nut tightening tool for screws (included in package), step ladder, drill, and level
  • Includes illustrated instruction manual

Assembly Note: Assembly requires 1-2 days with at least 2 people systematically following the assembly manual.


  • Outside Assembled Dimensions: 185 cm W x 247 cm L x 208 cm H (97.2 in. W x 72.8 in. L x 81.9 in. H)
  • Inside Usable Growing Area Coverage: 4.4 m² (47 ft.²)
  • Total Inside Storage Capacity: 7.2 m³ over 225 (252.6 ft.³)


Arrives in 1 box:

  • 132 cm L x 63.5 cm W x 17.8 cm H, 41.4 kg (52 in. L x 25 in. W x 7 in. H, 91 lb.)
Image with dimension


  • 5 Year Limited Warranty

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