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The Eco-Lux Imprint Mat is the ideal all-in-one exercise mat for everyday use. With two sides to choose from, it’s designed to support you during any type of workout. Whether you’re performing athletic conditioning drills or balance and stability exercises, this antibacterial and anti-slip mat will stay in peak form through it all. - Eco-friendly rubberized gel foam provides superior comfort, stability and proprioceptive feedback
- Use it with shoes or without for any type of exercise including high impact athletic conditioning, equipment-based workouts and stability exercises
An - tibacterial and odor resistant
- Its closed-cell structure is sweat and water resistant, making it easy to clean and restricts bacteria growth
- Anti-slip surfaces that can be used on any type of flooring
- Highly durable with superior shock absorption and compression recovery to prevent the mat from deforming after repeated or prolonged use
- Reversible with softer upper layer and firmer under layer
- Suitable for all forms of exercise, including Pilates, yoga, high intensity interval training, weight training, bodyweight exercises, and more
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