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Ideal for your daily commute, the Madd Gear E-Kruz Electric Scooter is easy to use right from the get-go! With long range and spritely top speed, the Madd Gear E-Kruz will have you bypassing the traffic and enjoying your daily commute again!Powerful 200W Motor
The Madd Gear E-Kruz Scooter is equipped with a power 200w motor making it powerful, and efficient.
Smooth-Tech 215mm Wheels
The Madd Gear E-Kruz Scooter is fitted with large smooth and fast rolling wheels for a comfortable ride!
Easy-use Thumb Throttle

The Madd Gear E-Kruz Scooter Thumb Throttle is easy to use and will inspire confidence for beginner rider!
Lithium Ion Battery
The Madd Gear E-Kruz Scooter is fitted with a light, safe and reliable lithium-ion battery for extended range of up to 20km!
Powerful Disc Brake System
The Madd Gear E-Kruz Scooter features a powerful hand actuated mechanical disc brake system, offering a safe ride and the stopping power when you need it!
Integrated Safety Bell
The Madd Gear E-Kruz Scooter is fitted with an easy to reach safety bell to notify pedestrians of your approach.
Bright Information Display Panel
The super bright daylight viewable display of the Madd Gear E-Kruz Scooter shows important information: Speed, Distance Traveled Riding Modes and Battery Charge Indicators.
Display your speed in MPH or KM/H, Record Distance, Battery Charge Level.
Super Bright LED Headlight
Easily turn on your headlight in low light conditions for safety.
Disc Brake and Flashing Taillight
Powerful rear disc brake and flashing tail light when stopping
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