8-channel 5 MP DVR Surveillance System with 2 TB HDD and 4 5MP Active Deterrence Cameras

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5MP Super HD Active Deterrence Security System

Experience more than twice the resolution of standard 1080p cameras, with a 5MP Super HD security system, with deterrence features that are sure to send intruders packing. Take your security to the next level with a motion-activated warning light and a remote-triggered siren, designed to deter uninvited guests. This system also includes advanced person/vehicle detection* that alerts you when motion is detected by a person/vehicle. You can also enjoy the added convenience of Smart Home and voice control compatibility.** Take advantage of better nighttime clarity with Color Night Vision™ technology, that gives you full color video at night (with ambient lighting). When light is limited, you can also rely on long-range IR night vision up to 135ft (41m) and 90ft (28m) in total darkness. Forgo monthly fees and keep your video footage secure and private with your personal DVR with 2TB hard drive. Smart security starts at home with a monitoring solution that includes everything you need to protect your home.

Product Features

See more with 5MP Super High Definition video. The impressive 5MP image sensor provides you with more than twice the resolution of 1080p cameras, and allows you to digitally zoom in on crucial details. With enhanced resolution, and digital zoom capabilities, this security system delivers great video quality, and a better home monitoring experience.

Instantly know if a person/vehicle arrives on your property with advanced person/vehicle motion detection technology**. This security system differentiates between person/vehicle motion or other motion events, such as swaying tree branches. This technology reduces false alerts and only sends relevant person/vehicle notifications.

** Advanced Person/Vehicle Motion Detection can be enabled on up to 4 channels at once. General motion detection will still be available on all remaining channels. Accuracy of Advanced Person/Vehicle Motion Detection will be influenced by multiple factors, such as the object’s distance from the camera, the size of the object, and the height and angle of the camera. Night vision will also impact the accuracy of detection.



Each camera comes outfitted with an LED warning light and a remote-triggered siren. The bright LED light turns on when motion is detected and the siren can be activated from anywhere, using the Lorex Home app. The warning light and siren, can help to prevent a bad situation before it even happens.


Keep tabs on what matters, day or night with long-range Color Night Vision™ (CNV) technology. Make nighttime recognition of people and objects easier using color video. Color Night Vision™ works well in low light conditions like porch lights and streetlights. This system also features long-range IR night vision up to 135ft (41m) in ambient lighting and up to 90ft (28m) in total darkness.

This security system is built for your Smart Home. Enjoy hands-free voice control by connecting your Lorex system with your compatible device***. Experience the convenience of viewing live video and activating various camera features, using just your voice. Smart home functionality is compatible with Apple TV and Chromecast, and allows you to stream recorded or live video from your cameras, directly on your TV.

***Controlling certain features in your security system requires a compatible smart device. Availability and performance of certain features and services are smart device dependent and may not be available in all areas or networks. For compatibility, features, and instructions visit www.lorex.com/smarthome


Get set up in an instant and stay connected with the Lorex Home app. Get important motion alerts on-the-go and view live video streaming in full HD. Download the free Lorex Home app on any smartphone or tablet, and start seeing what your cameras see.
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