Ezee Life 8' Portable Folding Wheelchair Ramp with Grip Tape

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Multi-fold wheelchair ramps provide mobility solution for a variety of environments. Built by EZee Life, these folding ramps are lightweight and strong, and come in lengths from 3' to 10'.

Portable wheelchair ramps provide a durable, safe means of navigating uneven household surfaces including small steps and doorways. Modular design makes these ramps a practical and affordable home accessibility solution.

Multi-fold wheelchair ramps are portable ramps that provide access to areas up to 20" high while being approximately half of their extended width and length when folded.

·         Lightweight
·         Built-in traction control
·         Slotted for moisture drainage
·         Aluminum construction.
·         Can be used indoors or outdoors
·         Slip resistant
·         Easy to install
·         Maintenance-free

·         Length: 8’
·         Maximum Rise: 16”
·         Width: 29”
·         Weight: 51 lbs
·         Capacity: 600 lbs


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