EUREKA Powerplush Lightweight Cordless Vacuum NEC120C

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The Eureka PowerPlush Lightweight Cordless Vacuum is our newest and your best ally against dirt and filth. The Eureka PowerPlush Lightweight Cordless Vacuum utilizes a super soft brushroll that's motorized for optimal cleanabilty on all your hard floors. Combine that with some of the most powerful suction on the market to eliminate anything in your path. Stuck on dirt? Goodbye. Cereal on the floor? Gone in a flash. Pine needles from a tree? No match. Cat litter scattered everywhere? Problem eliminated. The Eureka PowerPlush Lightweight Cordless Vacuum weighs only 5.5 lbs making it one of the lightest vacuums you'll own and can easily be carried throughout your home. Free yourself from cords as the Eureka PowerPlush Lightweight Vacuum uses lithium-ion battery technology to give you plenty of powerful, cord-free run time. •Plush brushroll picks up both fine and large particles
•21.6V removable lithium-ion battery
•Swivel steering and self-propelled for effortless maneuverability
•Anti-Allergen filter captures microscopic dust and expels clean air
•Lightweight only 5.5 lbs
•Press power button once and go. No need to hold down the trigger
•Easy-To-Empty 2-way dust cup. Simply press release button to expel dirt OR twist off and empty
•Detachable hand vac, wand and crevice tool for above floor cleaning
•No maintenance costs with washable filters and no bags
•Wall mount with on-board tool storage

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