Extra Large EPA Certified Wood Stove

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  • Extra Large Built-in Heat Exchanger Start-up Kit Included

This is the largest EPA clean burning stove available in North America. It can heat up a whopping 223 sq. m (2,400 sq. ft.). It boasts 0.8 cm (5/16 in.) thick steel plate on top. It also features a king-sized ash drawer for easy clean out. This stove can fit logs of up to 55.9 cm (22 in.) long for extended burn times. Included is a convenient start-up kit that includes a probe thermometer, glass cleaner, fire-starter, wood stove gloves, a moisture reader and touch up paint. A quiet 100 CFM variable-speed blower is also included.

This stove requires an approved chimney with a diameter of 15.2 cm (6 in.).


    • Color: metallic black
    • Includes efficient quiet blower (100 CFM)
    • Maximum output capacity with dry cordwood 100,000 BTU/h
    • Can heat up to 223 sq. m. (2,400 sq. ft.)
    • Can fit logs of up to 55.9 cm (22 in.) long
    • Log positioning over width
    • Maximum burn time: 9 -10 hours
    • Firebox volume of 0.1 cu. m (3.7 cu. ft.)
    • Efficiency: 78%
    • Average particulate emission rate: 3.8 g/h
    • High heat-resistant C-cast baffle
    • Ceramic glass door with cast iron frame
    • Firebox lined with hi-density refractory bricks for better heat distribution
    • Stainless-steel secondary-air system aid gas combustion
    • EPA certified
    • Start up Kit Included: 16.9 oz. glass cleaner, kevlar wood stove and fire place gloves, a digital moisture reader, fire-starter (50 pouches), probe thermometer and metallic black stove paint (85g aerosol).

Dimensions (L x D x H) and Weight:

  • Appliance: 71.4 cm x 74.6 cm x 87.3 cm (28.1 in. x 29.3 in. x 34.4 in.), 221.5 kg (488.5 lb.)
  • Firebox: 58.1 cm x 52.4 cm x 34.3 cm (22.9 in. x 20.6 in. x 13.5 in.)
  • Weight: 221.6 kg (488.5 lb)

Model  HT2000

1 Year Manufacture Warranty

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