Valencia Black Top-grain Leather LED Power Reclining 3-piece Home Theatre Seating

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  • Black top-grain nappa leather
  • Motorized headrest
  • Diamond comfort quilting
  • AC charging port, reading light, and fold-down table
  • 3 built-in LED cup-holders

Luxury lies in the details, and the Oxford delivers. From the supple leather upholstery stitched for pillow-soft support, to the supportive backrest built with the deepest relaxation in mind, every inch of the Oxford was carefully designed to cater to your needs. The ergonomic design and plush cushioning make it easy to have endless game or movie nights in total comfort.

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    • Colour: black
    • Top-grain nappa leather on all seating surfaces
    • Leather air match (breathable faux leather) upholstery
    • Diamond quilting
    • Drop-down centre console
    • AC charging port, reading light, and fold-down table
    • 2 built-in sleek LED cup-holders with a nice cool soft glow
    • 2 USB charging port included
    • Motorized headrest
    • Premium reclining power mechanism
    • Wall-hugging recline mechanism allows for a full recline while keeping seats close to the wall
    • Power reclining function provides ease of use and multiple adjustment points
    • Quiet and smooth motor allows for a silent reclining experience
    • Engineered to prevent sagging
    • Specially designed foam padding and weight transfer system results in seating with just the right firmness, exceptional comfort and ergonomics
    • Ergonomic design with padding provides maximum lumbar support
    • De-attachable backs allow for easy mobility through doorways and hallways
    • Wall proximity: 10 cm (4 in.)
    • Fully reclined length: 175.3 cm (69 in.)
    • Seat height: 53.5 cm (21 in.)
    • Seat depth: 56 cm (22 in.)
    • Seat width: 62.5 cm (24.5 in.)


    • Dimensions (L × W × H):
    • 3-piece: 82.6 cm × 223.7 cm × 115.6 cm (32.5 in. × 88 in. × 45.5 in.)
    • Weight: 104 kg (230 lb.)


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