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Bring warmth and ambiance of a wood-burning fire to the outdoors with the addition of this outdoor fire pit or treat yourself to a nice wood burning BBQ.  Featuring a complete 360 degree view of the fire, ensuring that nobody gets left out in the cold. Metal grating all around the fire ensures that the embers and sparks stay in the bowl where they belong and a large access door makes tending to the fire a cinch.  The functional chimney top will funnel smoke up and away from your gathering and reduce the amount of irritating smoke in your eyes.

    • For outdoor use only
    • Sturdy solid steel construction
    • Black high heat resistant paint with attractive antique finish
    • Food safe adjustable 3 level swing-out cast iron grill
    • Hinged door with stay cool handle for grilling / log access
    • Flare protective mesh on all sides & chimney
    • For use on nonflammable surfaces such as stone, brick or concrete
    • Heat tested at 648ºC (1200ºF)
    • Adjustable grate
    • Removable ashpan for easy clean bottom
    • Steel fire poker included
    • Assembly required

    • Dimensions (Height x Diameter) Assembled:
    •         125.7 cm x 74.9 cm (49.5 in. x 29.5 in.)
    • Weight: 37.8 kg (83.4 lb.)

Model: CWGS-CP21-001-blk
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