Hyper 36v Electric 20 inch Radster, Aluminum Bike, Silver

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Travel in style with the Hyper Radster Electric Bike. It offers a fun alternative to ordinary, standard riding. It features an integrated flush-mount battery. Easily shred trails and unbeaten paths with this fast and stylish Hyper electric bike. For four hours of charge time, this bike runs for a full hour and can cover up to 20 miles in distance, making quick work for close to home errands. The battery-powered bike also features a Shimano components and both front and rear brakes during traditional riding. It also includes a center-bar battery indicator and power button to support a clear battery life communication. The Hyper 20in Radster Electric Bike is offered in two color schemes, and both are sold separately Hyper Radster Electric Bike, 20inch Wheels • 36 volt lithium ion battery.
• 20+ Mile Range.
• 1 hour ride time.
• Large storage component under the seat.
• Dual disks brakes.
• Built-in frame charging port.
• Low step over.
• Top Speed: 20 MPH.
• Charging Time: 4 Hours.
• Run Time: 1 hour / 20 Miles

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